Upload your image and obtain a direct link to it.

Register with an online image storage company such as ImageShack which is free.

Once you are registered, you must login, in order to be able to use it.

Navigate to the Media Upload section.

Now you are ready to upload your image by following these steps.

A copy of your image has now been copied and is being stored by ImageShack with links to it, being shown.

To use this image in a forum, you need the direct link or url, by going through the following steps.

You have now temporarily saved the direct website link for your image. Like most links, it starts with http://

Using the direct link on a forum

How this is done, varies slightly between forums.

Forum type 1

Some forums show a small icon, (looking like a mini postcard) which is used for entering images.

Forum type 2

Some forums give you the option of adding an image with a button marked as Img.

At first it does look complicated, but after you have done it a couple of times it is very easy.

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